Louder Part 1

ImageHow do I turn up the volume on your passion?

How do I turn up the passion of your soul?

You don’t need any endorsements…

Just sound off, let the plot unfold.

I can see it plain as day….

Turn up, you say?

Turn up, I say.

They’ll only understand once you press play.

Tell me what your fears are, but don’t stop there.

Tell me what your dreams are, and let’s connect them at the tear.

We’ve been stabbed, shot, snubbed, then hung

We’ve been hurt too much to bear this song, still unsung.

Come here…let me tell you a story…

In the voice you should have by now.

If you weren’t so afraid…so heartbroken…this is how you would sound.

And when I start….

Don’t change the channel…

No…don’t turn me down.

Don’t hate me and don’t hurt me.

Embrace me and let me drown.

If that is my fate, then it was written before this sound.

So just sit…let me tell you something…

Let me tell you …

Let me give you…

Let me sound…

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