I Hope You’re Smiling…

Your smile is what I remember the most.

Come what may, the world was always your playground.

I remember trips to the park, rides on the Metro, and dinner at your place.


But most of all, I remember your smile. You were a lover, a nurturer, and a giver.


Your warmth could fill a room, your generosity could melt a heart, and your love could travel miles—across an entire country and envelope those that you held dear.


But the lasting legacy that you leave us with is your smile.

It is the memory of your smile that will get me through future trials that may come my way.


It is the memory of your smile that reminds me that nothing is greater than love and that joy comes from within.


Grandma, I hope that you are smiling down on us from your new heavenly home—and I pray that it never stops.


I hope that we make you proud enough to always, always keep smiling.

Know that we love you, we miss you, and we will never forget you. Your smile will live on in our hearts forever.


Keep shining your light, and we will find our way back to each other again someday.

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