Dedicated to a True Artist

When a writer births what he thinks might be his greatest creation, he is proud- he is so proud that he will do anything to make the work of art successful. He will go to painstaking lengths to make the words climb off the page and spring to life. He will jump through hoops of fire to make sure that the world knows just how brilliant his work shines. He knows that if one day, the world decides that it will love this creation too, it will be the writer’s finest hour- his dream finally having come true.

It might take years- even decades- for this creation to blossom- to reach its full potential. But a dedicated guardian of his artistry will be there for each impatient moment- for each premature budding of success. He will wait- all the time revising, correcting, and preparing for the time that he knows will come.

And when it finally comes, this carefully constructed masterpiece will have taken on a mind of its own. It will stand alone and prepare in its own way for the performance of a lifetime. In the moment before the curtain rises, fear undoubtedly runs through its mind. Fears of falling, fears of failing- fears of disappointing its creator.

But just as the fear begins to swell in its belly, and the words begin to swirl out of place- the plot becoming skewed and the angst blurring its opening lines-  there is the steady hand of the artist, the writer, stepping in to reiterate the premise- reminding the story of its purpose.

Much in the same way that a writer does these things for its finest work, I feel that my father created me- then prepared me for success.

He was the first man to call me beautiful, the first man to groom me, to sculpt me and leave an impression. He did it because he loved me, believed in me, and wanted nothing more than for me to succeed.

I felt that, when fear overcame me, all I had to do was look to him to remind me of the premise of life. He set the stage and let me tell my story.

He started out as the writer, became the director, but is finishing as my mentor, my friend and the first man to become the undisputed love of my life.

Today, I celebrate my Daddy. He is the one man that I can say that I am the most proud of. He is the hardest working man that I know. Always working hard at his skill- endlessly creating, perfecting, and inspiring others with his craft. I am so proud to be one of the creations that came from the depths of his heart.

I hope that all of the time that he has vested in my siblings and I will shine through in our performances- making his dreams come true. For he is my very favorite artist- and I am so grateful for how he has set the stage for my life.

I love you Daddy. Happy Birthday!

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