Thank You!

To All of My Readers,
If you’ve read ONE of my posts or ALL, I just want to set aside a second to say THANK YOU. I appreciate every comment, every “like”, and every subscription. You will never know how much it means to me to have your support. I know that I don’t write as regularly as I should, but sometimes life gets in the way of even our most coveted ambitions. I cherish all of the personal messages of encouragement that you all give to me. Sometimes I publish posts and think that no one will be able to relate, but I get flooded with e-mails and FB messages saying that it touched a nerve or a heart string, and just like that- you erase my inhibitions. YOU have made it possible for me to continually grow as a writer and an artist, and I am truly appreciative.
As some of you know, I will be releasing my book by the end of this year. I cannot reveal the title or even the genre, but I am hopeful that you will support my efforts. I may release a few tidbits here and there as the date gets closer, so stay tuned. I will send a FREE copy of my book to all those who subscribe to my blog, so make sure you click that button!
Thanks for being apart of my dream…and don’t forget to follow yours!

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