Underneath the sheaths of hatred, the veils of insecurity, and  the masks of insanity worn in this world… we are all just human. And by design, we cannot sustain without breathing. We cannot survive without taking in water. We cannot LIVE without stopping to EAT.

And lo, we each have the ability to choose what we fill our bodies with…we are blessed with the discernment to see what is right and what is wrong…and awesomely enough, the ability to choose what best suits our individual purpose.

Isn’t it amazing, though, that all of us… at one point or another… choose POISON over FOOD?

We choose to fill our bodies with alcohol, drugs, lies, rage, depression…HATRED-of self and of others. We take in this poison ourselves and distribute it to each other-All in a desperate attempt to quickly feed a HUNGER which seems entirely unquenchable.

But what awaits us in the morning? When we have to look at ourselves in the mirror- staring at the horrific consequences of our actions? What does our reflection show us when we have gorged ourselves? When the marks stretch across our stomachs and our chins multiply beneath our face?

And more importantly, what lies in wait for the person standing before the mirror bearing the title of “MURDERER”, “LIAR”, “CHEATER”- “HEARTBREAKER”? The one who has STUFFED himself with the blood of his fellow man, the deception of his friends, and the tears of his lover?

We fabricate in our minds, a million reasons for why we submit to such evil. A million reasons that turn into excuses- Excuses that turn into REPEAT OFFENSES.

Some of us label these reasons- these EXCUSES- with false names such as “PRIDE”, “JUSTICE”, “RETRIBUTION” – and still others arrogantly blame “AMBITION”. But at the end of a day full of back-stabbing friends, stealing from neighbors, and murdering innocent children…it all boils down to one simple driving force:


In life, we hold an insatiable appetite for power that we will never possess. We have an untamable desire to be better than the last and greater than the next. This greed-this condition of OBESITY- does not call itself by its name. It doesn’t call itself a liar- or a thief- and most certainly, it is not a murderer. It is an innocent act of allegiance to live a GOOD LIFE- a life full of things that will make us HAPPY. Full of things that will bring us joy- PLEASURE.

And without these things…surely the hunger pangs begin.

Of course, we are restless.

Of course, we begin to experience withdrawals…

and without a doubt…we reach for the gun.

We pull the trigger.


Unless there is a moment. A moment where you realize that none of the guilt is worth the meal. None of the pain is worth the trouble. A moment where you realize that there is more than one path that leads to fulfillment.

You can sigh a deep breath of relief when you discover that hunger will never be satisfied when it is fed with empty calories- sugar filled lies and half-baked truths. You can smile when you realize that a quest for liberation is best executed with a mind full of wisdom…a heart full of courage… and a stomach filled with LOVE.

5 thoughts on “HUNGER…

  1. This is so true. Nourishment comes in all forms but many do not realize love is definitely the protein, not a side dish !


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