When You Wish Upon a Star…


As a child, I became infatuated with the stars.

I like to think of them as the gemstones of the universe. They are a source of beauty- of unwavering motivation to be the absolute best that I can possibly be. One day while looking up, a thought occurred to me:

If every positive has a negative, and every opposite has an equal, then what must be the stars’ motivation? What must they look up to?

And then it hit me with a resounding echo.

What if it’s ME?

What if…just as I am looking up at the stars…making wishes…basking in my admiration for them…what if they are doing the same thing? What if they also believe in me? What if they silently admire me from a distance and faithfully send me their wishes?

Wouldn’t that change the entire dynamic of life? To know that the progress that I made in life was influenced by the silent wishing of a being so far away that a twinkle was my only clue that they existed?

To realize that their wishes are what motivate me- that their silent prayers are what send me shooting across their version of the night sky, making their wishes come true; that my movement, my successes, are prompted by the spark of their dreams.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Would that change my view of myself? Of the purpose that I know is mine? The purpose that I, at times, ignore?

And what about my view of life? Life that I sometimes take for granted. Life that has been so intricately designed—but whose wonder, I continuously underestimate.

What if you were to realize that YOU…were a star?

A gemstone of the universe?

How, then, would you sparkle?

How, then, would you shine?

11 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Star…

  1. Another beautiful display of words Tilesha, you have such a unique perspective on life and yours blogs are always enlightening and inspiring, this one is my favorites by far because I often catch myself stargazing and wondering whats else is “out there”. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!


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