Artist In a Box

I imagine when God is feeling a bit creative, He paints orange streaks across the sky. I think He just might light a fire behind the sun, and maybe even pierce new diamonds into the night. I imagine that when He is ESPECIALLY inspired, He runs His fingers through His palette, and leaves traces of every color floating in the air. How else can you explain the ever-changing colors of the daylight sky, the burning glow of the sun? What else could cause the night air to twinkle or rainbows to appear? And what is an earthquake if not the mighty stroke of God’s eraser when He feels the need to go back and make CHANGES?

I imagine that our lives are much the same- only we do more erasing than CREATING- more stealing than INVENTING. I imagine that the world was supposed to be our canvas, our purpose serving as a paintbrush- our individual gifts providing our MUSE. But somewhere along the way, our vision became skewed. Somewhere along the way, we became more interested in taking away from the bigger picture than building upon it. The result-BLANK PAGES.

As I sit here painting words upon this page, there is a tugging at my heart, a nagging at my soul. As I struggle to find the words to adequately explain this feeling inside of me, there is a voice struggling to emerge. This, I have come to know as my “ARTIST IN A BOX”. You see, I believe that inside each of us is the ability to create anything that we can imagine. Anything that we can dream up can become reality in our world. But we ignore our inner artist and stuff it back into its heart shaped box. There it lives, struggling to breathe. STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE.


While we exist in the world, we conform to its harsh realities. We become consumed in the negativity- transfixed by the UGLY. All the while, our true selves TUG at our heart strings while our creativity is enslaved. Instead of adding to the warm shades of the daylight, instead of lighting up the night- we SNATCH the rainbows out of the sky. Little by little, we ERASE the masterpieces that have been created for us.

But WHY?

Because it has become a system of belief that EXISTING is LIVING. It is common practice to BE PRACTICAL instead of INSPIRATIONAL. We have fallen under the impression that work comes before pleasure, and that our minds are more competent than our hearts.


But I beg you to unleash the STORY inside of you, release the PAINTING within. Share your MUSIC…DANCE to your own beat. Imagine how it would feel to LET GO. Maybe it would feel like watching the sky change from blue to orange. Or maybe like watching the stars twinkle across the heavens. Perhaps it will have the calming effect of a rainbow. But maybe…just maybe…it will shake up the earth…maybe you possess the mighty stroke of a most powerful CHANGE. A change that this world is in desperate NEED of.

There is no way to guess what creative power you possess, but I know that it’s worth finding. If you want to know what you can create in the world, ask yourself. Ask your artist…inside your box.

8 thoughts on “Artist In a Box

  1. Girl! I didn’t know you could be soo deep. I love this post, so inspiration. YOU’RE right so many people ignor the inner artists that’s screaming to get out and LIVE. **snap, snap** this was a good one. What inspired you to write this?


    1. Believe it or not…I drew inspiration from myself for this one. I used to be so stubborn…I ignored my passions for so long. And now that I am exploring my talents, I feel so much more alive. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement! 🙂 I’m loving your blog too!!


  2. And you wonder about your talents? YOU are a leader, not a follower, a TRAILBLAZER in divine right. YOU are the beautiful light and you and people like you are guiding us all to find what this planet and race needs to “get back to good”. YOU are everything the previous posts and comments mention and so much more, you are a child of the light, LOVE IT!


      1. tILESHA!!! Good God Girl this is fantastic… You made me cry it was sooo real to me… Amazing, teriffic, fantastic, and simply Beautiful… What a heart for others you must have with such inspirational thoughts. You remind me of Mya Angelo. She must have had amazing thoughts like this too at an early age. You parents are right, please get your work copy written your words can pull people out of dark places… Anointed and Appointed that’s who you are… Thank you, Keep going all the way to a spoken word book… Have you ever tried doing spoken word? There are several places in L.A. with that kind of entertainment. Christian events. Check them out while you are back… Love you and look forward to the next blog…<3


      2. Thank you for the encouragement! As always, I’m so grateful that you take the time out to read my blog!! I am thinking of ways to expan my craft…I will think about spoken word.


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