Tap On It…

Dear Lord,


Please let me be the best intern that I can possibly be. Let them notice me while I sit here in this newsroom. Please let me be the best intern that they have ever had. And Lord? I know what you’ve told me…that patience is a virtue…but I only have a few more weeks…so could you please make this happen…like…soon?




I would say that it was a coincidence, but I don’t believe in those.

It was a regular day in the newsroom- phones were ringing, tape was playing all around us….20 televisions were on 20 different channels and we were all listening to every second of it- drinking in our drug- THE DAILY NEWS.

It was a day just like many others before it. No one was paying me any attention and there was nothing particularly fantastic about this Tuesday afternoon…until…it happened.

I caught a glimmer…a sliver of light across the ceiling. I stood from my chair and stared at the spot where I’d seen it.


But… there HAD been something…hadn’t there?

I know I had seen SOMETHING.

Just before I turned away, I caught another glimpse. Just like before, though, it was gone as soon as it had come.

Aware that everyone was watching me, I climbed up into my chair, my high heels digging into the cushion of the seat. There was something up there and I had to know what it was.

“What are you doing?” they asked, as I carefully placed my brand new shoe onto the desk beside my chair and peered once more up at the ceiling.

There….there it was again.

I stood high up on my tippy toes and when I saw it once more…I tried to lift my hands to reach the place where I’d spotted it.

As my hand drew closer to the area that I designated as “the spot”, the air got warmer.

I looked down…all eyes were on me.

What had I gotten myself into?

Shrug. I had made a fool of myself already, so I just decided to concentrate on the task at hand. I stretched  my hand supernaturally high into the air above my head, and it suddenly bumped into a hard, smooth surface.

Surprised, I tapped to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. I couldn’t SEE anything…I could only FEEL it.


Yeah, it was there alright.

As I got more perplexed stares from the onlookers below, I tapped a little harder.


And just like that…the surface began to crack—and that crack grew as it snaked from one end of the ceiling to the other….held up by some invisible force that hung in mid-air.


I didn’t know what I had done…but as adrenaline rushed over my entire body, I heard a loud crash as small bits of glass fell down all around me.

For several minutes, it was like the world had come crashing down upon my head. I just knew that I had done something wrong- something TERRIBLY wrong- something that I could not reverse—why hadn’t I just stayed in my chair? Mama always told me not to get so worked up…and now look what I had done.

And suddenly, as I tried to come up with a well-versed apology in my head, everyone around me began to clap. They began to look at me differently. They NOTICED me. But not like before. No- this was totally different.

 They were now interested because I had done what others had been afraid to do. I had broken the boundaries between my world and the world I had prayed for.

Some people will tell you that the Glass Ceiling still exists; that invisible barrier that keeps women and minorities from climbing their way to the top. Some will tell you that we still have a long way to go to defeat the discrimination that plagues this world- the discrimination that keeps us on our knees. Is it there? YES… But I say all you have to do is TAP ON IT… that is, STAND UP. Climb up to the top and DEMAND to be let in.

Since the beginning of my career, I prayed to be successful and I lived like I knew that God would make a way for it to happen. Now, as I sit happily holding my title, having risen from intern to Associate Producer, I realize that there are not as many blockages as one might think…if you pay attention to the GLIMMERS of HOPE…the GLIMPSES of OPPORTUNITY…and muster up enough courage to actually KNOCK on that window…you can SHATTER that glass and realize any dream that your imagination is BOLD enough to hope for.

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