Dear Men….We ARE Listening

Sewing tools
Sewing tools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stitch by stitch, I sew. Hand over hand, I weave the perfect hem and then-FLIP.

All the while, I hear you. I hear you telling me your hopes and your dreams. I hear you pouring out your soul. I see you pacing up and down the hallway-trying to find the words to express what has been keeping you up at night.

Meanwhile, I stitch.

You ask me if I am listening. I nod “yes”, and I flip.

You look at me questioningly before you go on- and I continue to stitch. You tell me how ready you are to take on this challenge-to leave your mark on the world. I think to myself how proud I am of you.

I cross the room and reach into my basket of materials- pull out yet another piece of the delicate cloth- then find my seat again. I pause before continuing to stitch- my heart suddenly beginning to beat faster. Once more, you look at me quizzically- as if perplexed about what it is that I am doing. Frustrated, you turn on your heel toward our bedroom.

As you sleep, I sew.

I stitch every hem with love and admiration-with respect and unbridled trepidation. But the fear that I have is not the kind that stems from low confidence- but the kind that grows from the unknown. For I believe in what I am creating, but what I can’t imagine is the strength of the world that will beat upon what it stands for.

In the morning, I greet you with a kiss. I put a hot breakfast on the table and retreat to the living room. There, I press. I press until all of the wrinkles are out. I shake until the bottom hem flows seamlessly with every sway of the fabric. I meet you at the door- my creation in tow.

Dressed in your best suit and tie– briefcase in hand- you believe that you are ready to go; ready to face the world-ready to make it your own. But I am a woman- and I know better. I know that for every tower you attempt to climb, there will be someone at the top throwing stones down upon your head. I know that for every set of skyscrapers you attempt to jump to and from, there will be someone trying to cut the ties that bind you to either one.

“And so, for you- my strong and powerful man- I have created this cape.”

You laugh at me- smile and kiss me on the forehead. But I have never been so serious in my life. Nor have I ever been so afraid- and so proud. You have decided to take on the world- to share your ideas, to be the man that no one could have ever imagined you could be.  And to successfully complete a task like that- I believe you will have to abandon the traditional means to an end. You will have to do more than walk- more than run, climb, or jump- you will need to FLY.

To all of the men out there with something on your heart that you must do- whether it be to teach, to preach, to become a civil leader, or business owner– take a leap of faith- believe in yourself…and you can touch the sky.

Ladies- take care of our men. Whether he is your son, brother, boyfriend or husband- lend him a helping hand. Faith and encouragement are so important in a world that continues to tear our men down. Be his Superwoman and he will undoubtedly become your SUPERMAN.

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