Who Run the World…Girls????

hqdefaultI was dancing in my mirror when I formulated this post in my head. The craziest ideas just pop into your head while you’re doing something random, right? Right. So ladies, don’t jump all over me for this one- because I’m just telling you what I think on the matter- feel free to disagree.

Every time I hear Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”, I actually think to myself, “Heck yeah, we run the world!”…and fellas, don’t eeeevveennn try to deny it. So many times we are the MASTERMINDS behind your business ventures, the SUPPORT SYSTEM when you come home from handling that business, AND the personal massage therapist when that business wears you out. (Well- that’s how us REAL women operate, anyway). We are the cooks and cleaners- the organizers and the coordinators- the cheerleaders and even the fixer-uppers when things go wrong.

Sometimes we get the credit- and sometimes not.  Sometimes we get a thank you- and sometimes not. But let’s face it- IT’S STILL A MAN’S WORLD. So while I’m dancing in my mirror thinking to myself “We run this motha-“…I’m smiling and feeling reealll good about myself- but when that song goes off…I’m left thinking “What am I really running?”

How often do we actually put our dreams first- and then accomplish them? A better question is- how often do we give up on a chance to RUN THE WORLD because we are so busy making it easier for someone else? Whether it be the men in our lives- or our children- or even sometimes a parent – we let the chance to MAKE IT HAPPEN slip by us in the grand scheme of things.

And this is not to say that we shouldn’t support our men- or stop to become “Mommies”- and  by no means am I suggesting that you should fail to take care of your responsibilities as a daughter. But I AM saying… STOP UNDER- ESTIMATING YOURSELF. Each and every one of us was born a “Jane of All Trades”-and for good reason…because we were MEANT to run the world. As a child, I saw my mother run rings around Superman…working two jobs, taking care of 3 children, taking care of wifely duties, and going to school- and all without breaking a sweat. She ran my world- and did it well.

What we sometimes fail to realize is that we naturally POUR so much into the world- figuratively washing the car, filling the gas tank up, and adjusting the steering wheel… just to let men get into the driver’s seat. Then some of us don’t even get to sit in the passenger’s seat to go along for the ride!


Running the world doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be everything to all people- it just means that we need to OWN the piece of the world that we hold in our hands. And if that was happening, then COLLECTIVELY, we should be turnin this place OUT-owning, running, and taking care of- BUSINESS. All the while CHALLENGING our men to walk a mile in OUR STILLETTOS.

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood here- because one thing that I do know is that everyone has a role- and our men play a VITAL role in this world. They are perfectly crafted help mates- a help mate that we SHOULD know that we can’t do well without, (We’ll leave that topic for another post), but the operative word here is “HELP”. When all is said and done, he should be HELPING you to know that you are an ASSET to him and every other person that you happen to touch. He should ENCOURAGE you and lift you up to be the woman that you were designed to be in this world and in this lifetime. With that encouragement, we should be equipped to do our part WHILE pushing him to do his…because at the end of the day—the world would be a better place if we all got together and ran this world TOGETHER instead of letting it RUN US apart.


10 thoughts on “Who Run the World…Girls????

  1. U go girl u got IT so proud to know that u paid so much attention to a Woman who knowledge of life at a very young age I think she watched me LOL keep it up darling you r defiantly up on it


  2. So true. Nicely said it’s crazy how if we all thought like this then the world would be so much better (corny line but true). But i like it and I’ll def check in and see what you’re thinking in your love.


  3. So Inspirational. As women we do have so much power. But we are also in need of a mans help. A man and a woman should definitely be encouragement to each other. With the support of one another anything positive is within reach. Great post.


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