No Place Like Home…

The feel, the smell, the COMFORT of home is something that always stays with you. It embeds itself behind the walls of your heart, and everything that you see, hear, and experience from the day that you walk out of the doors of your home is always sized up against the tingle you feel when you are HOME. It doesn’t matter if your home experience was a good one- a great one- or just plain horrible. It will always be home- and home will ALWAYS be where the heart is. That is a fact that you just KNOW.

While you’re making plans to leave, you know. While you’re packing your bags, you know. While you’re walking out of the door, and look up at the mailbox outside of the door for the last time, you KNOW. What you don’t know is what will happen when you wake up in a bed that is not your own the next morning. What is not immediately apparent when you make the decision to leave home, is that no matter where you CALL home once you leave the nest, nothing else will ever FEEL like home. The mistake that so many people make is thinking that leaving home will be an easy thing to do. They think that leaving a doting mother or an overprotective father means that they can finally go out into the world and be greeted with open arms- finally free to build a home that you think is better than the one that you came from. It is a hard lesson to learn that there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

This process comes with a few tears and requires strength that you have to literally DIG up from within yourself. If you’re blessed enough to endure the revelation that the world was not what you thought it was-but it really was what your mother said it was- you will first stand in shock- finding out for the first time just exactly how strong you are. Then comes the awe- the pride- that swells inside of your chest when you realize that you’ve DONE IT. You have faced the world- you have conquered fear- and you are armed for whatever might come next.

Then, you will realize that it was not you that got you to this place. You understand that if it had not been for the praying going on back HOME- there is no guarantee that you would be where you are. You take in the fact that all of the things you prayed for through the tears that this journey drew out of you have come true. Most importantly, you remember what you learned at HOME- that God answers prayers- that Mom will ALWAYS be praying for you and that Dad has been through this before- and by the grace of GOD- he SURVIVED.

At this point, you will realize what you must do. You realize that this- what you’re standing right in the thick of- is called LIFE. You realize that if you made it this far, you can go on; and not only can you go on, but you can SUCCEED. And all of a sudden, succeeding is all that matters- repaying your family for their prayers- repaying God for his answers- are the most important things that you can do. From this point on, you work- all the while REMEMBERING home- working toward going back there- bringing with you a sense of accomplishment- bearing gifts of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE.

Only after you have done this will you be able to build your own home. Only then will you know what it takes to fill a house with all of the necessary ingredients to make it a HOME. At that point, you will be ready for the next phase of life- which is encouraging the next generation to spread their wings and do what you have done- only better. You dare them to leave, knowing what they will experience- and wait for them to return anew- to welcome them HOME after they have made a difference in this world.

Leaving home doesn’t always mean leaving to another city, state, or country. It doesn’t even mean that you physically make a move at all. Leaving home can refer to any moment that presents itself as an opportunity to abandon the training wheels that your parents or guardians provide. It is the moment that you decide to figuratively spread your wings and lift your voice without the guidance of Mom or anyone else. I challenge you to follow whatever opportunity that comes your way that leads you to “leave home”…but I also want to offer advice for after you have done so…stay encouraged. Spread your wings- jump- and though you might fall- you WILL get the hang of flying before you hit the ground.

14 thoughts on “No Place Like Home…

  1. Wow, you’re a very gifted writer… I’m so proud of you, especially knowing your journey up until this point. Keep up the great work.


    1. Thank you!! I just felt the need to share…hope it inspired you to do something that you might have never thought you could do– and also to stick with it…love ya


  2. Wow Tilesha. Not only are you an awesome writer, you already know that, but you kind of spoke to me. Leaving home in less than a year, this helped me understand some things. Thank you Tilesha and I hope this doesn’t end here because just as it helped me, it can help so many other teens. Keep it up sis!


  3. Tilesha! I finally read your blog! I LOVE it! It was perfect because I just got up… ate breakfast and now sipping coffee meditating to your words of wisdom here. You are truly a very gifted writer… I didn’t know this was in you! I especially liked the part of “learning all the ingredients that make a home” part. Very true. Being away from AZ (my home) for almost ten years now, I’ve finally started to feel like I do carry enough armor to brave it all. Thanks for the uplifting note. I want to read more!


    1. Thanks!!! I’m glad you read it and got something from it. I will try to get some more topics up soon..I have sooo many thoughts inside of me…can’t wait to get them out!

      Thanks for the support-



  4. Very inspirational words. The home is definitely where the heart is and where your spirit wishes to resign. I’ve been searching for a home to call my own and when I found it, I realized that that my home was searching for me all along. So content yet pleased. Your words made me realize how blessed I’m truly am for my mother’s love, God’s love, and love for myself. Keep preaching the word, and changing one’s life with your words of wisdom and encouragement.


  5. Very well said Ms. Brown. I left home around 14 years of age. It was things i wanted so badly growing up. My parents provided for me but i always wanted more so i got a job. i haven’t stopped working since. At 22, i met you right before i really left home and haven’t looked back. All said and done, you’re right. Certain smells really do bring back old memories. Like when i stuck my head in the truck my grandpa left me a few weeks ago. I got a sniff and my eyes watered. So home to me is when i would go to grannies house before work. Talk to her and eat the beautiful meals she made for me. most teenagers has friends to hangout with. I had granny. her home was so warm and welcoming. and her home was my home. thanks for this


  6. Great piece Tilesha! It was very raw, and it really captures what you’ve been feeling and shows how you have reflected on your time away from HOME. So proud of you, keep up the good work!


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