Dear YOU,


In my short  23 years on this Earth, I have learned more lessons than I can count on subjects of love, life, and dreams. In my world, the latter have proven to be the best lessons of them all. I have learned that if you dare to dream, you dare to live- you dare to love. Those without dreams are not really living at all, I’ve found; and so it has become one more dream of mine to resurrect the dreamer in more people- to make the world a better place by providing a little space for reflecting for my readers. It is my hope, that by sharing my innermost thoughts about life (guided by my passions and prayers), I will inspire someone to follow their true passions- and maybe help dreams manifest into reality.

When I grow up- I want to change the world- I BELIEVE this can be done- and so it shall be.


5 thoughts on “Dear YOU,

  1. I honestly have always lived day by day. And went with whatever God has planned out. Thats why i believe in God. Cause the more i plan things, the more he shows me that he got this lol. well I always had dreams of being very wealthy but thats very shallow to me too. So it doesn’t count in my eyes. thanks


    1. It is not shallow when you stop to think that a lot of times, it takes capital (or wealth) to make some dreams come true. It is also equally as important to have purpose though…purpose gives your dreams and actions DIRECTION…and keeps you HUMBLE once you accumulate the wealth. I will touch a bit on the topic of DIRECTING AND ACTING ON YOUR DREAMS in my next blog post. Stay tuned!! And thanks for reading! 🙂


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